By inheriting the brand philosophy that “science and technology guide life” and taking the attitude of being excellent, SC1022S7 perfectly highlights the traditional strengths of solid underpan, rigid steel metal, strong carrying capacity and reliable quality of pickup truck. It improves the actual value by its inherent quality and enables people to run faster on the way of being wealthy.

It has a unique modeling, optimized structure and stronger carrying capacity; 
It is equipped with large-horse power JL465QB engine so that it has strong power and stable performance; 
The car body is made of excellent and high-strength steel plates, has a solid underpan and firm metal plates so that the quality is double guaranteed. 
Medium thick film and high antirust cathode electrophoresis paint brings a super strong antirust ability. 
Ball shaped pin seat is made of the materials with good performance so that the service life is extended greatly; 
Highly qualified shock absorber has excellent air tightness, stability and matching as well as good durability.

The design of convex head of the truck has a better safety;
Front engine rear drive and vacuum assisted auxiliary braking system has more reliable and safer performance; 
160/70R13 broad tires have stronger carrying capacity, better stability and longer service life;
An ignition switch with direction lock makes you feel safe and free from worry.

Five persons can easily get into the broad cab;
Spiral spring with variable stiffness and steel plates improve the comport of driving and riding;
Car-type clearer gear shift brings a better feeling, easy, convenient and flexible operation. 
The design of hand brake has originality, which brings a very convenient operation and unique style;
Sliding driver and first passenger seat, adjustable backrests and movable headrest create a comfortable and cozy driving and riding space.


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