Exquisite and Aesthetic Design

Pursuing the superiority of future, the F5 Suri is released as a high-grade sedan,which systematically integrates comfort, dynamic trend and intelligence. The flowing lines design displays the sporty style of the city. The F5 Suri’s front view is designed as flying wing streamline, showing flying outline and reflecting the sporty and fashion features, full of sense of the future. 
The workmanship of interior is refined. The bright piano paint panel with the base of the leather material shows a magnificent and mysterious temperament with beautiful shape and comfortable feel.


World-class TID Gold Power Assembly

The F5 Suri has 3 types of power assembly options for the user: 1.5TID, 1.5TI with 6-speed manual transmission and 1.5L with 5-speed manual transmission. BYD's TID Golden Combination Powertrain assembly in the F5 Suri – 1.5TI turbocharged directed injection engine and 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) – are the highlights of the powertrain system, making it a leader amongst this grade of cars.


World Leading Remote Control Driving Technology

The F5 Suri is equipped with world leading technology of remote driving. In the visible range (10 meters around the vehicle), the F5 Suri can be started, and be controlled to move around at the speed less than 0.7km/h. This function can bring parking convenience to customers.


Exterior Rearview Mirrors

Electric Door Mirror with LED Cornering Lamp can be folded in, individually adjusted from the inside. Equipped with electrical heating function, the door mirrors ensure the safety of drivers and passengers when driving in rainy, snowy and foggy weather.


Willow-Shaped Headlights

The eagle-eyed headlights with LED brow reveal a combination of personality and high-tech, equipped with function of 'Automatic start' , 'Adjustable dipped headlight' and 'Follow me home' mode.


Horizontal Chrome Front Grille

Horizontal chrome front grille which is the mainstream design in nowadays, appears to be simple and dynamic.


10-Stroke Sporty Alloy Wheels

Available 16-inch alloy wheels with a 10-spoke design are light yet strong,ideal for bringing out the F5 Suri’s sporty performance potential.


Rear Windshield Defroster

Controlled by the buttons on the central console, the electric defog and defrost device will work onto the rear windshield, which may influence the driver’s view field in cold weather


LED Rear Combination Lamps

High-quality and streamlined LED rear combination lamps are imbued with aesthetic, and promote excellent visibility with added elegance, driving in rainy, snowy and foggy weather.


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